Courses for everyone

Support Courses for Children and Adults

All school subjects

  • Primary Level
  • Year 9 to 11 HarmoS
  • High School Level (diploma)
  • Individual lessons (personalised)
  • Courses for adults
  • Lessons/Courses in businesses
  • Duration of lesson on demand

Summer school

Held during the summer holidays, these courses focus on the revision of material already covered as well as additional remedial teaching if necessary.

All school subjects

  • Standard classes
  • Intensive classes
  • Semi-intensive classes
  • Conversation classes
  • Tuition in all subjects taught at secondary and high school level
  • Private lessons

Visual Art classes

These classes are for those who:

  • wish to develop their visual art skills
  • are considering a job involving graphic and visual art (e.g. design, decoration, interior architecture, etc.)
  • are planning on choosing visual art as a specific option in high school

Course objectives

  • to promote an awareness of art by studying artists and examples of famous art works
  • to present and improve a wide range of techniques and subjects
  • to develop creativity
  • to offer personalised support in the preparation of an admission portfolio for art school

Language courses

French – German – English – Spanish
Standard and personalised courses.

Courses are held in our school or on business premises.


  • Intensive and semi-intensive classes
  • Standard and personalised classes
  • Preparation for DEFL/DALF exams


  • Business English
  • Preparation for IELTS and Cambridge exams
  • Standard and personalised classes
  • Conversation classes


  • Handelsdeutsch
  • Preparation for Goethe exam
  • Standard and personalised classes
  • Conversation classes

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